Continental Wasting

Prasklo Art Vase from cement and broken liquor bottle

In 2022, Prasklo came up with an environmental non-profit art project called Continental Wasting. The two women went on a plastic quest, travelling European ocean coastline and picking plastic polluted sand on beaches. 


They dedicated a vase to each spot where they stopped on the way. These vases had been made of cement mixed with the materials from the beach and a glass waste such as bottles from the beach areas as well. The authors deliberately let the colourful plastic bits to play their cheerful part on the surface of the vases. The collection Continental Wasting reflects the painful problem of our generations, the people's liking and dependence on the magical all-mighty material that is so excessively used that it is already blending into standard natural sources such as stone, respectively sand. It has, in fact, become an omnipresent part of the planet’s Earth surface. 

The two women also wanted to bring attention to the awfully polluted oceans to their home town Prague which is far from any sea. None the less, in the opinion of the Prasklo authors, this is exactly why this issue is being very much overlooked and under-treated there, despite the proven fact that plastic pollution is coming the oceans by far not only from countries close to seas. The collection is not sellable, Prasklo is exhibiting it around galleries in the home Czech Republic.