Beton Brew

Prasklo created this stylish coffee dripper from its love to this beverage. Functions as a v60 dripper with paper filters and ground coffee of your choice. Amazing design for your interior, easy to use, easy to clean. Timeless.

Prasklo Coffee dripper V60

Beton Brew by Prasklo is the beton corpus of the coffee dripper. We decided to combine the design with laboratory heat resistant glass from the traditional Czech producer Simax. For once it is a great quality, for second we love the clean minimalistic shape of the items. We spent lot of time by testing what looks the best and what works the best. Conclusion was, everything works, unless the funnel leg is too thin. But even if it is thin, it works, just not dripping as smooth. About the aesthetics, it is very individual and we stay open to various combinations of large and medium funnels and jars. Consider well if you normally brew larger amount of coffee (the large option is up the 600ml of beverage) or rather just a cup or two (smaller jar is up to 500ml, about two cups - any less is no problem). Also you can freely place a cup of your choice directly under the funnel instead of using the jar at all. If you intend to brew large volume of coffee, consider also to opt for a large funnel so it can fit a large paper filter. Its variability is limitless, you use what you like, as long as the funnel is a 60 degree (meaning the very standard funnel), it shall work. Just use a good coffee and you shall have a good beverage.

Prasklo coffee dripper making prototype Prasklo coffee dripper making prototype

It took Petra many years of contemplating and planning the design. Prasklo is not strict design brand rather than an art design brand, dating back to 2016. Prasklo are mainly art vases from beton and up-cycled glass, each made individually, a unique piece, the production and design process anew with each piece. Beton Brew is different. We still make each piece of Beton Brew our self one after another, in our Prague studio. But this time repeatedly making one design. Nevertheless, we prepare the beton mix anew and so there are superficial differences between individual products. Which is something not only we openly admit, but we actually embrace. We love individualities, we love beton doing its caverns, and stone-like structures. We use our own recipe, a quite chemical-free beton, as close to a clean stone as possible. 

Prasklo coffee dripper brewing Prasklo coffee dripper

We have tested the dripper taking it with us for our travels, making coffee in various apartments where we stayed but also during our breaks from long driving on parking lots. It is just very easy.

Prasklo coffee dripper looks great in any interior

Strong and bold design for your interior, easy to use, easy to clean. Timeless. It comes with glass jar and a glass funnel in a laboratory funky style. Both can be used with hot liquid. It also comes with a glass pad to protect the floor of the Beton Brew from staining. Although we encourage you to embrace coffee stains as something that would give your Beton Brew a personal patina eventually. The black metal pot, the glasses, nor the paper filters presented on some Beton Brew images are not part of the product, they are for illustrative purposes only.

And remember, the planet Earth is a large piece of stone. Prasklo celebrates and brings the Earth energy to your home using just that stone in its most intriguing versions - beton and glass, both made of stone, both made of the core of our planet. Let’s cheer our planet with Beton Brew in your wonderful kitchen.

Prasklo coffee dripper

Beton likes water! Don’t be afraid to wash, avoid chemicals. We deliver the Beton Brew with a glass pad that goes on the floor of the dripper to avoid too much staining the the beton floor. Nonetheless, if your Beton Brew gains some coffee stains throughout the time, we would say that is a wonderful patina. Let the time and coffee play their part. That is part of Prasklo. We are not strict designers, we love to cooperate with external elements beyond perfect human control. Life is adventure.

Prasklo coffee dripper draft   Prasklo coffee dripper draft

If you wish to purchase your Beton Brew, send us a message!