Coffee Dripper

Prasklo created this stylish coffee dripper from its love to this beverage. Functions as a v60 dripper with paper filters and ground coffee of your choice. Amazing design for your interior, easy to use, easy to clean. Timeless.

Prasklo Coffee dripper V60

The concrete dripper shall come with glass funnel and glass jar and a glass pad under the jar.

Prasklo coffee dripper making prototype Prasklo coffee dripper making prototype

We have worked on this design for couple of years. Making the prototype was a real challenge for us as we are mainly an artistic brand, not so strong in technologies. Eventually we found a great partner for the technology and we shall be ready to produce about 40 pieces of this dripper for Christmas 2023. 

Prasklo coffee dripper brewing Prasklo coffee dripper

We have tested the dripper taking it with us for our travels, making coffee in various apartments where we stayed but also during our breaks from long driving on parking lots. It is just very easy.

Prasklo coffee dripper looks great in any interior

If you are interested, be assured that we shall launch the pre-ordering within few weeks, so follow our instagram not to miss it. The first drippers shall be ready for new owners from September 2023 on.

Prasklo coffee dripper

Prasklo coffee dripper draft   Prasklo coffee dripper draft