Our Partner Artisème Gallery

It has been extremely hard year for galleries and we wonder how many there shall be still left once the covid tsunami is over. And so we feel obliged to support them at least by giving a compliment especially to those we have been so privileged to be represented by.

Artisème Gallery in Prague

Our cooperation with the magical Artisème Gallery, situated in one of the most charming parts of old Prague, started some one and half year ago, and it was an absolute thrill for us to be invited to join them. We were shocked by how young still very maturely professional they were (not mentioning that everybody there was very nice and very handsome :).

Prasklo art vase displayed in the Artisème Gallery, Prague

We hope they shall get over the turbulences soon (and so the rest of the world actually). If you will, you can still support them by buying online from their eshop. And why not a Prasklo vase? ;))

You can visit Prasklo section in the Artisème e-shop here 

Definitely, we recommend to visit the Gallery once the lockdown is over.

All images from Artisème instagram

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