Meet Prasklo

  • Continental Wasting Project is pushing us to deeper layers

    We love to travel and wander around and we know it is not good for the planet. We feel bad for every journey we take. We try to minimise our carbon...
  • Sources Naturally - The Crystal Valley

    That is our way to pick up crystal wasters ready to be trashed and up-cycled it into a very different object to what it was meant to be; where its flaws do no harm, even using it as a feature as the case may be, underlining its uniqueness and personality.
  • From Waster to Pedestal

    Without the right allies, nothing right comes up. We had been very lucky to be invited to ally with one of the most famous glass and crystal producers in the world with very long history and firm tradition - Preciosa.
  • Our Partner Artisème Gallery

    Our cooperation with the magical Artiseme Gallery, situated in one of the most charming parts of old Prague, started some one and half year ago, and it was an absolute thrill for us to be invited to join them.
  • Prasklo chosen as the artist of Winter 2020 at the GASK gallery

    GASK stands for the Gallery of Central Bohemia. It is one of the most intriguing galleries of contemporary art in the Central European region. Its ...
  • Little Big Studio

    Petra's power is coming from her obsession for raw materials and hand making things. Her studio is not exactly a fancy type of studio, in a fact it is a small closet turned to studio behind her bedroom. It has a window, there is a table and large number of shelfs full of all sorts of glass. Her hardware is neatly organized and she feels perfectly comfortable in her reign. There is not more than 5 new vases created in a month, Prasklo is not a goods, each vase is a little art piece with lot of heart put into it.
  • Příběh Prasklo

    Prasklo obdivuje strukturu a nadčasovost skla, které vybočuje ze systému rychloobrátkového zboží. Předměty, jako jsou lahve určené k vyhození po konzumaci nápoje, přesahují svůj průmyslový účel. Jednoduchý nápoj zabalený v ušlechtilém pouzdře ze skla - stále fascinujícího průsvitného materiálu podobného kameni. Pronásleduje všemožné unikátní lahve z pražských barů, kaváren či dokonce kontejnerů a je posedlá dát tento „odpad“ tam, kam patří, tedy na piedestal, aby jej mohli obdivovat i ostatní.