From Waster to Pedestal

In early December, we made another trip to Northern Bohemia, the Crystal Valley, to visit the very famous Preciosa crystal producer in its impressive glass factory.

Petra Svejdarova a.k.a. Prasklo picking crystal waster in Preciosa glasswork

Without the right allies, nothing right comes up. We had been very lucky to be invited to ally with one of the most famous glass and crystal producers in the world with very long history and firm tradition.

Preciosa has produced famous Bohemian Crystal since ever, and you can find their wonderful articles around the globe. Naturally, they have tough QC and even the slightest flaw on a crystal leads to a resolute dismissal. Good for us, we loooove their fine waster and we always leave with car full of their rejects entranced with our beton visions :) 

Petra Svejdarova picking crystal waster in Preciosa glasswork for up-cycling

image: courtesy of Preciosa

We up-cycle it into a very different object to what it was meant to be; where its flaws do no harm, even using it as a feature as the case may be, underlining its uniqueness and giving the result personality.

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