Sources Naturally - The Crystal Valley

Not only we enjoy driving up north for the inimitable magic this region has - once the Sudeten with its stirring history, the completely mysterious dark forests of those mountains and ghostly towns that make you think of the scary Twin Peaks (same scary and compelling).

Prasklo travelling to Northern Bohemia to Crystal Valley

And then there is the obscure valley in which you find all the world top glassworks hiding like jewels in coarse lining. For many generations, all that the people from this valley have being doing, is blowing glass and precious crystal.

Prasklo picking crystal waster in Preciosa for up-cycling

And that is where we like to come to pick up their wasters ready to be trashed; so that we can up-cycle it into a very different object to what it was meant to be; where its flaws do no harm, even using it as a feature as the case may be, underlining its uniqueness and giving the result personality.


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