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A vase created from up-cycled glass material and raw grey concrete. Can be filled with water with no leaks. Looks wonderful in interior or exterior. Single hand made unique art piece. This vase weights 3kg.

Size (height x width x depth): 26,5x19,5x8,8cm

DHL express delivery outside of Europe available. 

Prasklo design was selected by curators for the prestigious exhibition TRENDS 2020 at the Ambiente design Fair in Frankfurt, Germany, among few other designers to be design trend forecast for 2020.

Prasklo is a brand of art vases created by Prague artist Petra Svejdarova. Despite Prasklo has been collecting many positive responses from curators all over the world, it is not a commercial project. Petra is creating in her Prague studio. She sticks to artistic hand production of individual objects, not aiming for designing industrially produced goods. All vases are results of her fascination by the structure of glass which beauty can never be demeaned by disposing it; and its planting into a concrete pedestal.

Flowers not included.